From Softwares most recent game was a lot different to what we were used to. With a much larger focus on dexterity, mobility, timing and stealth, this game rewarded players for taking their time in combat and looking for weak points. The game also made some well received changes from a story stand point too, with characters being a lot less cryptic and abstract in their dialogue. The visuals of Sekiro are absolutely stunning, and the world is a genuine pleasure to explore and get to know. Sekiro’s difficulty can be a bit of a deterrent however, with alot of players asking for a difficulty setting, however From Software have never been known for making their games easy.

Days Gone is the most recent PS4 exclusive, boasting a massive amount of ‘Freakers’ on screen at a time with the hordes boasting sizes of 100+ ‘Freakers’. With hordes this size standing in your way this makes for some seriously fast paced moments. As far as story goes, fans of The Walking Dead TellTale series know that zombie games have a tendency to get very emotional.

Devil May Cry has always been an absolute giant when it comes to Action/Adventure. Devil May Cry 5 is no exception to that. With the return of DMC4’s protagonist, Nero, the return of Legendary Devil Hunter, Dante, and addition of new character, V, there’s a lot of room for some seriously STYLISH gameplay and combat sequences. The Story of Devil May Cry 5 are interesting, fun and Hilarious, while its world is interesting, varied and great to look at. There’s plenty to get excited about when it comes to Devil May Cry 5, and if you’re a fan of Action/Adventure games you should undoubtedly Pick it up.

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